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Written by Scrivs on May 24, 2005

If you haven’t heard about it already, Blogebrity is a site that has created an A-List, B-List and C-List. Supposedly this is legit and the people behind it are actually trying to setup the lists. How they go about it I don’t know, but I find it quite amusing.

Matthew has pointed out to me that I have been fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to make the C-List (the clist). Now I am in the same company of a couple other hundred people that I haven’t heard of. Wonderful.


  • I speak with Calacanis on occassion so unfortunately he is my “in” for that list.
  • I got to stand next to Zeldman at SXSW and saw how much taller I was than him so height wise I can make the A-List.
  • I drank and smoked a cigar with Jake Dobkin so that is my drinking partner on the A-List.
  • And Anil asks me why I have been switching away from MT on some of my sites so he is my advocate on the A-List.


  • I convinced Doug Bowman to return to the bar with me at SXSW so he is my peer pressure pal on the B-List.
  • I emailed Andy Budd twice so he is my British mate B-Lister.
  • Mike Davidson annoys the hell out of me everyday on IM so he is my annoy the hell out of me B-List guy.
  • Matt Mullenweg is always surrounded by an insane amount of women so he is my B-List pimp.


9rules owns it.

  • D. Keith Robinson
  • Scrivs
  • Sergio Villarreal

Maybe by the end of the year we can help make every member a clister.