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Slow Response for Your Credit Card Complaints? Take it to Social Media

Written by Guest Blogger on July 1, 2014

One distinct advantage that social media offers is the almost instantaneous results it provides. This is especially useful when you have a complaint about a product or service and your phone call just doesn’t seem to be having the effect and result you expected. Why don’t you take your grievance to social media?

The Social Media Effect

The effect of the use of social media in airing grievances and complaints is hinged on the need for reputable companies to maintain a positive image. Nothing travels as fast and as wide as news and conversation done online. If you are the owner of a company being complained about for all the world to see, wouldn’t you want it to go as away as fast as possible?

The name of the game is damage control. The swifter the complaint is addressed, the faster it goes away. The slower the action, the higher tendency for the issue to fester.

Credit Card Complaints Done on Social Media

Many credit card holders have decided to take their complaints to the social media platform like Twitter and Facebook. The nature of these complaints range from being overcharged for fees, requesting for certain documents, or making follow-ups on a previous complaint. If a credit card holder knows what is best for him or her though, he or she would be aware that there are certain limitations to the contents of messages sent over social media.

Legal Issues

It is not advisable to make unfounded complaints most especially over social media where false accusations can easily have a legal liability attached to it. When you find yourself at a disadvantageous position resulting from credit card use where no fraud or misrepresentation was committed by the credit card company, it would be wiser to consider other more productive options.

Go for the Solution

If you think for example that you would be better off with another credit card company, do something positive by looking closely into the options and apply for a balance transfer. Jeffrey Weber of SmartBalanceTransfers.com has this to say: “Credit card problems must not be allowed to complicate. At the first sign of difficulty in payment, spending must be controlled. Also, it is best not to dig a deeper hole by taking a new debt to pay another. Going for a sound balance transfer agreement does not add another loan but simply allows the credit card holder to restructure an existing loan.”

The solution of course lies in completing the payments as agreed upon.

Best WordPress Plugins for 2014

Written by Guest Blogger on June 29, 2014

As WordPress becomes the blogging platform of choice, a wealth of plugins has also been made available to its millions of users. These tools are very efficient in that they help webmasters, publishers and business owners get to know more about their audience, improve their SEO practices and find ways to drive traffic to their sites.

One of the best ways to ensure your site is fully functional and search engine friendly is to use plugins. Currently, there are almost 30,000 available plugins for WordPress alone including the WordPress video plugin which means there’s sure to be one that will fit your site’s needs.

For this year, here are some of the highly recommended WordPress plugins you can use as vouched by the experts on blogging and web design. (more…)

Who You Friend on Facebook Could Affect Your Credit Score

Written by Guest Blogger on June 24, 2014

facebook friends

Facebook can provide a lot of benefits when it comes to connecting with people from all over the world on a personal and professional level. But beware because it also has its pitfalls.

Did you know that who you connect with on this top social networking site can also affect your credit score? They can help you in terms of getting approved for a loan but on the flipside, they can also cause you to get rejected for a loan.

The reason is that some tech startups are now using social data to find out a person’s financial capability and credit history. While traditional lenders depend primarily on a person’s credit score such as FICO to determine if they’re worthy of a loan, there are now lending companies that utilize data from social networking sites to determine an applicant’s creditworthiness. As such, it may be time to be extra cautious in choosing your friends on Facebook. (more…)

Best Ways to Include Social Media Buttons in a Blog

Written by Guest Blogger on June 1, 2014

One of the most effective ways of promoting your blog is by including social media sharing buttons. This way, it would be easy for people visiting your site to share your content they find interesting with their favorite platforms. This sharing method is a great way to expand your audience reach and increase the number of visitors to your website.

Adding social media buttons can be done in various ways. You can include them on your home or landing page, on every web page or on every blog post and even your email content. The best option is to do so your visitors will just click the share button right there and then after reading or scanning your content.

How to Add Social Media Buttons


Before adding the social media buttons to your blog or website, first decide on what networking sites you would like to include. The most popular are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. (more…)

Apps to Help You Start an Online Franchise Business

Written by Guest Blogger on March 23, 2014

An online business today is most ideal for people wanting to earn an income while working in the comfort of their homes. Interestingly, a franchise business can even be operated at home and let you enjoy a steady flow of income moving forward.

Before deciding on the type of business to launch, it is most important to do your research to determine the feasibility of your business. Make a short survey by asking around and taking notes of business opportunities in your specific location.

Depending on your interest and budget, there are many choices available these days. You can start small and make sure to choose a business that will meet the needs of people and not just their wants. When you’re fulfilling a need, there’s a great chance your valuable business will thrive moving forward.

Consider your budget as well. Some startups require only a small capital while the others require a major financial investment. Starting small is the way to go today because you can always expand later on if you think the business getting profitable and gaining more followers. (more…)