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5 Things You Shouldn’t Take a DIY Approach With

Written by 9rules Blog on July 1, 2015

Whether you’ll admit it or not, somewhere inside of you there’s a desire to be a bit of a handyman. You relish the opportunity to fix something on your own, tackle a renovation project, or actually apply some of that knowledge you’ve consumed on self-help blogs or Pinterest boards. And while it’s admirable to be self-sufficient, there are times when you can’t afford to take a DIY approach. If you encounter one of the following situations in your personal life, call the professionals!

Plumber working on sink smiling

Major plumbing issues.

There are certain small plumbing projects that naturally handy homeowners can take one with little risk. For example, it’s pretty easy to install a new toilet flapper or tighten a loose bolt under the kitchen sink. However, when it comes to something like a major drain blockage, it’s time to call in the specialists. Liquid drain-clearing products can only do so much. You need heavy duty tools and expertise to fix a blockage before it causes serious damage (leaking and water damage). Other plumbing projects that shouldn’t be handled on your own include installing a water heater, pipe-fitting, and welding. (more…)

Rising Suicide In Prisons and What’s Being Done To Prevent Them

Written by 9rules Blog on June 16, 2015

The number of prisoners taking their own lives is increasing worldwide. In the U.S., suicide was found to be the leading cause of death among local jail inmates in the year 2010, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. It was also one of the five leading causes of death among state prison inmates.

prison inmate

During a 10-year period between 2000 and 2010, the Department of Justice noted that almost half of prison suicides occurred within seven days after the prisoner was admitted. Of those who committed suicide, the highest was among white and older males.

In the U.K., particularly in England and Wales, the rate of prison suicides reached its highest level in 2013 within a seven-year period. (more…)

5 Best Free Online Learning services for High School Students

Written by David Jones on June 15, 2015

Do you know that online games and free website access can improve classroom learning? Do you know that most students who play online games have high intelligence compared to their counterparts who use classroom materials only? This article will focus on providing 5 types of outside classroom games and ways that high school students can use to increase learning.

1. Science Experiments

With high levels of curiosity in teenagers, online laboratories should be provided to quench all aspects of high school laboratory practices inquiries that range from mixing chemicals, understanding human anatomy and complete understanding of the surrounding world making learning interesting and easy. These online games will provide experimental procedures which include how to mix the chemicals in their right proportions and also how to access and protect oneself during the procedure. In this process, knowledge is gained during use and observation of the reactions during the experiment. Science is a major part in high school education and therefore online experiments increases students curiosity, insight, instruction following and observation techniques. (more…)

How to Design your Home via Linear Motion Systems

Written by David Jones on June 7, 2015


Linear motion systems involve the movement of components or parts in a precise single axis motion. The part is usually restricted to the single axis for freedom for automation. The complementing guide components often include the profiled rails, racks and pinion and even the sliding contact bearing structures fitted to provide additional support for the part being lifted and the moving elements of the actuating device. The designer’s profile and the axis of movement should be maintained so; otherwise, issues like misalignment and erratic motion will occur. Erratic motion produces undesired vibration and this would affect the overall accuracy of the linear motion systems. Misalignment will lead to shortened life of the actuating device and even premature wear on the moving parts. (more…)

Prison Suicides – A Pressing Issue That Can’t Be Ignored

Written by David Jones on June 1, 2015


When an incarcerated individual kills himself, it is considered prison suicide. The manner by which the prisoner commits the act does not matter, as long as the intent is to end one’s life and successfully does so.

Prison suicides are an issue that has recently come under the spotlight, but it is hardly a new problem. Depending on the country – among other factors – prison suicides have increased.

A study by Anasseril E. Daniel, MD, titled “Preventing Suicide in Prison: A Collaborative Responsibility of Administrative, Custodial, and Clinical Staff” states that “suicide is the third leading cause of death in U.S. prisons and the second in jails. The suicide rate in prisons ranged from 18 to 40 per 100,000 during the past three decades.”

One of these damning factors is the lack of attention to prisoners who have mental health problems. (more…)