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Traditional TV vs Video Streaming: Which is Popular Today?

Written by 9rules Blog on December 7, 2016


When it comes to TV and movie entertainment these days, there’s no doubt that video streaming is a winner particularly among the so-called millennials. With digital technology ever present today, the Gen Ys and Gen Zs have easy access to all types of information they need including their favorite TV shows and movies which they can watch even while on the go. They can choose between the internet TV and video streaming online.

One of the main advantages of video streaming is the ability to access several devices that are internet ready at one time similar to that of a Smart DNS Proxy. Viewers can also take their gadgets wherever they go and still enjoy their favorite entertainment. (more…)

10 Tips for Building a Successful Consulting Business

Written by 9rules Blog on December 6, 2016

Discussing plan

Discussing plan

Consulting is a dream for many entrepreneurs. It offers the flexibility of being your own boss as well as being in charge of some big changes within a business setting. You can help businesses grow to their full potential and flourish. There’s a lot of satisfaction that comes from such a job. However, starting a consulting business is difficult to say the least. Networking and finding great clients is one of the hardest parts, not to mention the challenge of maintaining a powerful reputation.

Most people looking to build a consulting business do so under the assumption that they need several years of experience to do the job right. Though this is true most of the time, there are some consultants who get their starts early on. (more…)

12 Online Tools to Spur Your Startup Success

Written by 9rules Blog on November 8, 2016


Startups enter a challenging market these days. Though the general economic picture has improved in the past few years, far more startups still fail in the first few years of operation than the number that succeed.

The statistics can work against you or serve as a motivator to make your firm a rousing success. But your business is only as good as its online tools. You’ll need to collect a few of the best and most affordable in order to take your startup to the level you’re aiming for. (more…)

7 Must-Travel-To Destinations Before You Settle Down

Written by 9rules Blog on November 8, 2016


People often don’t realize how much freedom and ingenuity they can exercise if they’re not married with a family. You can spread your wings and do almost anything you like without consulting another individual or worrying about letting someone down.

Travel isn’t always suited to family life, after all. That’s why it’s best to travel when you’re young and unattached. (more…)

Collecting Across the Generations

Written by David Seah on October 30, 2016


Shows like Hoarders have given collecting a bad rap in some people’s minds, conjuring up images of stacks of dusty magazines and small dark rooms filled to the ceiling with junk. In reality, true collecting is nothing like that, because collectors cherish and love their artifacts and, in most cases, want to share that love with others. Collecting is a great way for kids to bond with parents and grandparents as they discover interesting and fun moments in history. (more…)